Highlights from over 20 years of innovation in creating software and building teams
VP/Head of Engineering @ CJ.com
2015-11 to 2019-09 (~4 years)
Responsible for all aspects of development, operations, hiring, training, budgeting, team structure, vision and team effectiveness for the CJ Platform, world-wide. Reporting directly to the president of CJ, I oversaw 11 agile, product-focused engineering teams across 5 locations in 3 time-zones. CJ (formerly "Commission Junction") is the world's leading online affiliate marketing network. The CJ Platform handles real-time tracking, attribution and ad-serving for many tens of thousands of retailers, as well as the associated business/social-network experience and analytical/insights tools at cj.com. My mandate was to accelerate product innovation at CJ. Under my leadership, there was a tremendous improvement in team focus, ownership and release-planning/estimation, greatly increasing CJ’s ability to launch innovative products at scale and with predictability. This resulted in a measured 300% improvement in overall effectiveness. To achieve these outcomes, sweeping departmental and company-wide changes to structures, responsibilities, technologies and processes were required. These changes were accomplished with minimal employee turnover. CJ was acquired by Publicis Groupe in Q3 2019
Engineering Manager & Lead Product Engineer @ CJ.com
2010-09 to 2015-11 (~5 years)
I was the technical and architectural lead and line-manager for one of CJ's cross-functional engineering teams. I also figured prominently in setting the architectural direction for the broader engineering department. I was heavily involved in recruiting and the promotion of CJ’s engineering brand. I on-boarded the majority of the new hires, and worked to protect & advance the cultural direction of the department. I was awarded the annual CJ Leadership award in 2012. The many projects & initiatives I led at CJ during this time included:
  • App Engagement (web->app tracking infrastructure, android & iOS SDKs, fuzzydevice correlation, developer portal, product launch & support)
  • Partner Tracking Platform (white-box, turn-key affiliate network solution)
  • Deep Linking Tools & APIs (bookmarklet & backend APIs for non-traditional publishers)
  • Continuous Deployment (moving from a monthly deployment cycle to a fully-automated build/test/deploy pipeline)
CJ was acquired by Alliance Data Systems in December 2014
President/Founder & Lead Engineer @ Moss Computing Inc.
2009-01 to 2010-08 (1 year, 7 months)
Responsible for all aspects of the design & implementation of a radical new loan origination and servicing application. Managed the maintenance of a legacy financial application. Moss was a SAAS provider based in Cleveland, TN. It consisted of a small group of highly-skilled developers who leveraged agile methodologies and cutting-edge java/jvm technologies (NOSQL, binary wire protocols, etc) to consistently exceed our customers expectations of what is possible with respect to performance, usability, UI design, and accessibility. Moss's CheckMAX product line was acquired by Nicsysco, Inc
Head of SAAS Software Development @ CMAX/Cleveland Inc.
2004-11 to 2008-12 (4 years, 2 months)
CMAX was an independent J2EE ISV & Application Service Provider, based in Cleveland, TN Responsible for all aspects of development, operations, hiring, training, team structure, vision and team effectiveness. I reported directly to the president of CMAX. I was hired to jump-start and rebuild the small development team behind a mature J2EE financial product. Developed the next-generation "Loan Grow" platform & product offering from scratch. CMAX's SAAS product lines were acquired by Moss Computing Inc. in 2009
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