Highlights from over 20 years of innovation in creating software and building teams
Greater Los Angeles Area
I've spent the past 20 years leading organizations, building teams, and creating software. I'm a proven leader & transformer of product innovation & delivery organizations in the context of high-stakes, high-volume, real-time, user-facing platforms. I specialize in creating technology organizations & architectures where innovation & product delivery scales well.
Commission Junction
Generating well over $20 Billion in annual client revenue, CJ is the world's largest online _Affiliate Marketing_ & networking platform. The _Affiliate Marketing_ channel drives 15% of all e-commerce revenue in the US & EU, and is growing globally. At the core of CJ's $165 million business is the CJ Platform, handling 24/7, real-time, high-volume tracking, attribution and ad-serving for over 30,000 advertisers and publishers worldwide, as well as the associated business marketplace and analytical products offered at cj.com. CJ's customer base encompasses a wide array of verticals (e.g. finance, retail, travel) and promotional methods (e.g. content, deals/coupons, search, email, display). CJ was acquired by Alliance Data Systems in September 2014, and by Publicis Groupe in April 2019
VP/Head of Engineering
2015-11 to 2019-09
Responsible for all aspects of development, operations, hiring, training, budgeting, team structure, vision and team effectiveness for the CJ Platform, world-wide. Reporting directly to the president of CJ, I oversaw 11 agile, product-focused engineering teams across 5 locations in 3 time-zones. My mandate was to accelerate product innovation at CJ. CJ had lost its ability to innovate quickly, with product launches being infrequent and unsuccessful in the marketplace. Through a combination of systemic solutions and hands-on leadership, I introduced a radical transformation in team capabilities, focus, and accountability. This resulted in a new ability to launch innovative products at scale and with predictability, a high-rate of market successes, and a measured 500% improvement in the frequency of successful product launches.
#### Accelerating Innovation - We needed a new, outward focus on product outcomes. - Re-aligned engineering & product, giving each team a clear product mission - Reduced dependencies between teams through a transition to a microservices architecture. - Improved team velocity & self-sufficiency by introducing 'chapter' leads in key technical areas - We needed agility _and_ predictability in our product roadmap. - Established transparency & visibility into release plans & predictions by standardizing the planning methodology & planning toolset across all teams - Provided clarity and accoutablility to the entire organization on each team's status, direction & plans through standardized terminology & plan representation - We needed to provide a modern & consistent user experience across all areas of the product - Enabled reuse of visual components across all teams by creating CJ's 'VisualStack' - Improved leverage for the UX team across all product teams & deepened collaboration between UX Designers & Engineers through the establishment of a system for UX/UI mockups - Introduced the concept of 'Developer Experience" (UX for APIs) through the creation of DX standards and the API registry, and streamlined the presentation and integration of APIs from different teams through tooling in the CJ developer portal
#### Industry-Firsts - Insights Platform - Launched a brand-new custom analysis suite, offering customers instant, on-demand analysis of large customer data-sets at scale to all 20,000+ advertisers/publishers. - Uses advanced big-data technologies to deliver insights on advertising big data immediately & at scale - GDPR & Privacy Toolset - Was instrumental in CJ's ability to transform a crisis into an opportunity to innovate & establish leadership in the industry, setting us up for eventual seamless response to the CCPA. - Established a GDPR response that aligned with our product & technology vision while simultaneously satisfying internal legal & privacy counsel. - Intelligent Tracking Prevention - Led the company response to threats due to Apple's "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" technology - Established a broader strategic plan for this class of technology across all browsers - Content Accuracy System - Enabled advertisers & publishers to quickly resolve disputes via a simplified view of automated (big) data and manual (nuanced) compliance data - Uses cloud elasticity to enable on-demand, rapid analysys of a large number of publisher websites for compliance with branding & regulatory restrictions & updates
Engineering Director
2015-02 to 2015-11
Responsible for managing activities & architecture across the engineering department. - Set the architectural direction for the broader engineering department. - Re-architected the core API server, moving from a legacy J2EE platform to a simplified, functional JVM platform. - Responsible for recruiting and the promotion of CJ’s engineering brand. - Coordinated development activities for the CJ hackathon.
Engineering Manager & Lead Product Engineer
2010-09 to 2015-01
I was the technical and architectural lead and line-manager for one of CJ's cross-functional engineering teams. I on-boarded the majority of the new hires, and worked to protect & advance the cultural direction of the department. I was awarded the annual CJ Leadership award in 2012. The many projects & initiatives I led at CJ during this time included: - App Engagement (web->app tracking infrastructure, android & iOS SDKs, fuzzydevice correlation, developer portal, product launch & support) - Partner Tracking Platform (white-box, turn-key affiliate network solution) - Deep Linking Tools & APIs (bookmarklet & backend APIs for non-traditional publishers) - Continuous Deployment (moving from a monthly deployment cycle to a fully-automated build/test/deploy pipeline)
Moss Computing, CMAX/Cleveland Inc
Moss was a SAAS loan origination & servicing software provider based in Cleveland, TN. It was an acknowledged segment leader with respect to performance, usability, UI design, and accessibility. CMAX's SAAS product lines were acquired by Moss Computing Inc. In 2009, Moss's CheckMAX product line was acquired by Nicsysco, Inc
President & Lead Engineer
2008-12 to 2010-08
Responsible for all aspects of the design & implementation of a radical new loan origination and servicing application. Managed the maintenance of a legacy financial application.
Head of SAAS Software Development
2004-11 to 2008-12
Responsible for all aspects of development, operations, hiring, training, team structure, vision and team effectiveness. I reported directly to the president of CMAX. I was hired to jump-start and rebuild the small development team behind a mature J2EE financial product. Developed the next-generation "Loan Grow" platform & product offering from scratch.
Andromech was an "outsourced CTO" IT Services Firm, focused on small businesses. It offered a unique blend of custom software development, administration, and on-site support.
2002-07 to 2004-11

Transitioned the business into an "outsourced CTO" IT Services Firm, focused on small businesses. This offering consisted of a unique blend of custom software development, administration, and on-site support. My role consisted of a combination of software engineering and system/network design/administration.

Notable development projects include:

  • a custom object database
  • an EJB based CAD Revision control system
  • a custom event-driven MVC web application framework built on servlets/JSP

2001-02 to 2002-06
Consulted with numerous companies on network setup & technology strategy. Designed, implemented and administered retail and commercial networks, POS systems and technology solutions.
Mac Superstore
Apple-Certified Technician
2000-06 to 2001-02
Mac Superstore was an Apple-Certified repair & retail center. At the time, all warranty repairs on Apple products were performed by certified repair centers such as this.
Apple/Mac Administrator
1998-12 to 2000-05
Responsible for maintaining Macintosh systems in education and design departments. Developed custom student dial-in scripts. Setup multi-platform Linux file server (SMB & AFP protocols).
Megahertz Avionics
Apprentice Technician
1998-05 to 1998-08
Performed various shop duties, including pitot/static instrument certifications on light aircraft.
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