Leadership Thoughts About the Nature of Leadership

Consensus & Collaboration Requires Leadership & Cultivation

We strive for collaboration & meritocracy, and to lead with consensus. But, those qualities rarely exist in a leadership & guidance vacuum. As leaders, you play an important facilitator/policing role that requires you to:

  1. Actively drive the group toward concrete decisions/conclusions (don't let the conversation turn round and round, meeting after meeting)
  2. Make sure the group's decisions/conclusions are clear
  3. Measure & Monitor the outcomes (i.e. follow-up & enforce!)

Leaders Establish Clarity (Measuring & Monitoring Outcomes)

As a leader, you are required to make sure that things get done once a decision is made. This requires that you make sure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what they have to do in order to comply-with/meet an objective/decision.

Namely, the following must be clear to all involved:

  1. The Objective/Goal/Requirement
  2. How it's measured
  3. Who's Responsible